Hub screw (wheel stud, bolt) extended for SIP Lambretta tubeless rims, hi tensile, each, MB


Early SIP Lambretta rims came with very poorly made extended hub studs, later ones have come through in stainless steel which are not strong enough.

We have remade these in hi tensile steel to make assembly of the SIP tubeless wheel rims much safer.

Price is for one stud- 4 required per rim

Another MB product.

£ 2.77
Price: £ 2.31 Ex Vat

Reviews ( 5 )


5 star 1. Kevin W 16 Jul 2015 

Top quality item, great fit and rims sit on them perfect.


5 star 2. J s 22 Feb 2014 

top quality item, my af rims sit a treat on these studs.


5 star 3. Tom 02 Nov 2015 

havent fit them yet but certainly look and feel better than the SIP ones


5 star 4. Mal 06 Mar 2016 

Excellent quality, as expected from MB!


5 star 5. Dave g 12 Jun 2016 

Quality part , easily fitted , very pleased

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Rob on 13 Aug 2017 asked "hi.i have a af pepperpot style front disc with the allen key round head hub studs.the studs supplied for tubeless rims are no good as they do not sit in the recess and are also to long on the hub thread bit meaning they go through to the wheel side and the wheel does not sit over them.any help appreciated.cheers."

MB Scooters Ltd replied: We do a shim washer that fits on the screw before you fit the screw which cures this issues. Please phone the shop to order them 01709 869756

Larzilliere on 26 Feb 2016 asked "Hi, I understand this do rust. what treatments are advised?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: These are zinc plated so should resist rust for some time

Brian f on 08 May 2013 asked "Bought the replacement studs for my sip tubeless, but neither the ones supplied by SIP or yourselves fit, the holes in the hub are too small a diameter, any ideas?"

MB Scooters Ltd replied: I seem to remember there is a very oddball hub from the Series 1 range with smaller or fixed studs. The Italian FA hub had a pressed in stud which is smaller but you shouldn't be using these hubs they are dangerous.

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